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We are able to provide a wide range of services to sole traders and partnerships and it's important to note that for each individual or business we look to build a bespoke 'all-in' service that caters for each client's individual needs. However, we still believe it's important to set out all the services which we are able to provide so that clients and potential clients know the full extent of the support that is available.


As you'd expect we can produce a full set of accounts annually, complete with balance sheets so that the business/individual has a clear indication of not only the annual performance but also the position at the end of the year - what is owned, due and owed to how much is 'invested' in the business.


For smaller businesses sometimes an income and Expenditure is more appropriate. This is simply a one page document showing the annual performance. As the name suggests it'll total the income, and the expenditure and provide a 'Net Profit' figure for the year. This is often more useful when the business has few assets and liabilities.


Along with the accounts we also prepare the self-assessment tax returns of the sole trader/partners. We then calculate any tax liability due to HMRC and notify the clients of the amounts due and the deadlines for such payments. As part of this process we can also complete RENTAL ACCOUNTS if required.


Some businesses are obliged to register for VAT. However for some others it can be beneficial to voluntarily register for VAT. We can advise on this and complete the registration on a client's behalf. Completion of on going VAT returns can be done either by the client or ourselves.


Should the business have any employees, whether paid monthly or weekly, we can process the payroll through PAYE each payday. We provide a summary of the tax and NI due, amounts payable to employees each payday, along with provision of the payslips for each employee.


We can plan for tax minimisation whether it be Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, VAT or Inheritance Tax. Often the taxes 'interact' and it's important to consider what each client is trying to achieve, not only in the short term, but also long term. This includes Incorporation Planning.

Often as a partnership or sole trader starts to grow in terms of profits it becomes more and more beneficial, for tax purposes, to trade as a Limited Company. The business can then undergo a process of 'Incorporation' where it is transferred to a Limited Company. This is a process which needs managing and organising correctly including the Company Formation.

There are also potential further, one-off, tax savings to be made on Incorporation. The size and availability of these is dependent on the circumstances of the businesses undertaking the process. However, It's a process we can talk through in detail to ensure that the client is comfortable and doesn't miss out on any potential tax savings.


We provide bookkeeping services through the use of cloud-based accounting software. You'd be amazed by how convenient and cost effective it is to get up to date accounts information at just the click of a button.


We feel it's important when it comes to fees that it's transparent so you know what you're paying and importantly what you're paying it for!

Income and Expenditure and Tax Return only

For those looking for just an annual income and expenditure and self-assessment tax return the fees are set and payable annually following completion. If you're interested in this service please contact our Tax Adviser Mrs Ann Carter on 01772 825 825 (or email at info@tunerandbrown.co.uk) and she'll be able to arrange a no-obligation meeting or phone call to discuss your tax affairs, provide advice, and give you a fixed price quotation for our annual fees for completing such work.

We look to arrange an initial meeting to chat about what it is that client is looking for in an accountancy service and also provide constructive advice applicable to that business. We will look to get a handle on where the business is at now, and then vitally, where the business/individual wants to get to! We will look at aspects of the business and propose a way for the client to get what they want from an accountant, and then provide a fixed price quotation for our services.

Our fees are billed either annually or monthly depending on the services which are to be provided. These fees are fixed and include any phone calls and advice through the year, no matter how many. Should the fee ever need to change for the services provided, 12 months' notice will be given. We are looking to build long-term relationships with clients, based on trust, which is why we feel it's important to have this transparent way of working.

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